Feeddler RSS Reader Pro 2 App Reviews

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Decent app, needs updating!

Like the app, needs a GUI and function update though. Features for the big ipad pro would also be appreciated!


Used to be the best app ever. Now it logs out routinely and loads duplicates of most feeds every time. Its inexpensive and worth it, but be prepared to pay if theres ever another upgrade.

Awesome RSS reader

Best Ive Ive found yet that supports AOL. They are pretty good at updating it too.

The best one

I could not do without it. I can see the print and read the article without a lot of junk.

Tres efficace

Belle application tres efficace


Simply the best RSS reader. Excellent!


Since in the Pro version the sync cache feature is not stable or does not work sometimes, better stay in free version. No support site , no forum , no response either from the developer.

The absolute best!

The absolute best reader! Easy, looks nice, is fast, has great options und a very good, friendly and fast support ! Fully recommended!!!



Great to see its been updated for ios8

Ive always loved Feeddler pro as my RSS reader. It looks like its been rewritten for iOS8 and its still great. A bit of a bummer it had to be repurchased at full price for owners of the original Feeddler pro - a discount or in app upgrade would have been a nice touch.

Wonderful app for RSS

Been a daily user of FeeddlerPro V1 waiting for a long time for an update to iOS 7/8 design. Paid for this new version sight unseen and was not disappointed. The UI is clean and simple and intuitive. No unnecessary flashy features to distract from the purpose of the app, which is to read! Lots of support for RSS aggregators, which is important. I use Bazqux and this combo is great.

Great app

Great app but I am very unimpressed I had to repurchase at full price again and was not offered an upgrade fee from the previous version.

Great app! Awesome developer!

What else can I say? Had issues with the app, sent the developer an email, the developer responded quickly and fixed it quickly! What else can I ask for: an app that does its job well, for which the developer added several supporting platform and a very responsive developer! Worth every penny I payed for it!

Most reliable news aggregator

Use this everyday multiple times per day. It is quick and supports many news subscription services and integration to other communication apps. Love the syncing between i devices and the ability to flag articles of interest. Would miss this app a lot

Crash issues

5-10% chance of crashing when transitioning back from a web page view. Other than those annoying crashes, its a great app.

Good but a cash grab

A solid RSS reader that works fine with The Old Reader (now that a patch has been released). But Im annoyed that I had to pay $5 for this new version which essentially amounts to a bug fix for the previous app that I had already purchased. I would have continued to use the older version if it didnt continually crash in iOS8. Alas, the developer needed some cash, and I need my sanity.

Top notch

FeeddlerPro has been my go to app for news on my iPad for about five years. Tried numerous alternatives before landing on Feeddler. The category champ for options and intuitive features. The new ios 8 version makes this top-notch product even better. Highly recommended.

Happy to support this App

After testing quite a few, for me this app is THE best. Im using it daily on iPad & iPhone. I use it with Inoreader to sync feeds.

Terrible, do not buy. A rip off.

Immediately asks you to sign up for yet another account. Complete waste of time, do not buy. Save your money use the not very good free version. Chu Bin Liu is a rip off site. Avoid this Ap.

Total Awesomeness for $4.99

Update: I use this every day, love it. ********** Cant ask for more. Very glad to see update for iOS 8. Thank you.

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